1,000 educators and counting: Opogo reaches a major member milestone

Justyn Randall

Friday, 26 October 2018

Many column inches are now devoted to the notion that communities are breaking down in the age of mass social media. At a time when it is possible to be both hyper-connected while simultaneously lonely, supportive virtual communities of like-minded people with a common purpose are more vital than ever.

As US physician Dean Ornish has said: “The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.”

We started Opogo to provide a community for education professionals that would offer just this opportunity to connect: to help people share information, find new opportunities and learn from each other, together.

From powerful features like our smart-match job technology, digital time-sheets, availability manager and flexible working patterns, Opogo is driven by our customers’ real needs. Plus, our Community Hub is created by leading education experts and is packed with valuable and varied content.

"I’m delighted that over 1,000 educators are now experiencing the value that Opogo can bring to them."

Not only have we reached a significant milestone in the life cycle of our community within an incredibly short period of time, but we are genuinely proving the need for a resource like this to transform education.

Transforming education

We knew when we started that our goal wasn’t going to be easy. There are many pain points across the profession and new challenges appear over the horizon every week. But we’ve listened carefully, we promised to deliver sustainable and positive transformation and I’m happy to report that it’s working.

I’d like to thank the inspirational educators who are our members, as well as the teams at Opogo and Thames Teachers for working so diligently to make us the fastest growing community of educators in the UK.

Of course we won’t rest on our laurels - and already have exciting plans in place for wider expansion and the delivery of even more value to our members. One of these developments, which we have recently launched, is The Opogo Ambassador Programme.

This is a way for members of the Opogo community to recommend fellow professionals to the community in return for rewards, helping them achieve even more value from their networks.

Opogo ensures that educators have the tools and support they need to succeed in current challenging circumstances, doing the work that they love.

We have said before that the reason we want Opogo to grow its membership as quickly as possible is that the more people there are in a community, the better that community will be. More opportunities to connect, more experiences, more content to share.

No-one is an island, even in an era when personal experiences can sometimes appear to be more important than the longevity of traditional communities.

So please join me in celebrating our 1,000th member joining the Opogo community - and watch this space for more details on how we will continue to build and shape the value we can offer all of our stakeholders.


About the Author

Justyn Randall

CEO + Founder, Opogo

From his deep understanding of the industry and its challenges, Justyn launched Opogo with the prime motivation of transforming the experience of educators within the industry.

From developing advanced, personalised, technology and building a dedicated team, Justyn's mission is to make real change happen in an industry that really needs it.

Opogo is a community platform designed to help schools attract and retain the talent that’s right for them. Our social hub is packed with rich content from our community experts. And through our ever-evolving Smart Match technology, teachers can be booked for work simply and quickly.

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