Courageous Leadership Round Table Dinner with Diana Osagie

Sarah Salmon

Monday, 7 January 2019

Courageous Leadership: Using Courage to Transform the Workplace roundtable with Diana Osagi | Thursday 21 March 2019

Event description

Designed to bring together key stakeholders in educational leadership, this roundtable dinner will discuss the actions you can take to be more courageous at work, and what you can do to inspire more courageous behaviour among those you work with or lead. 

Aristotle said that courage is the first virtue because it makes all the other virtues possible. Courage is the lifeblood of leadership, entrepreneurialism and innovation. In fact, without courage, those concepts don't exist! 

What will be covered?

Given the central role that courage plays in education, this leadership roundtable is highly relevant and timely due to its focus on:

  • The impact that fear and comfort have on individual performance.
  • The distinct types of courage and how to differentiate among them.
  • How to create a school environment that supports courageous behaviour.
  • The differences between managers who encourage workers, and those who discourage them.
  • Tips on how to be more courageous and how to inspire more courageous behaviour among those you lead.

 Who's it for?

Partner schools and partner members


When will the event take place?



DateThursday 21 March 2019 

Location: TBC

For apply for your FREE tickets, please contact:
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