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Justyn Randall

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Umbrella companies have been a pain in the past. The service they offer is desirable but the hidden costs and poor service have left a bad taste in many teachers’ mouths.

That’s why it was so important to us at Opogo and Thames Teachers to ensure our members got the value they deserve from this important facility.

From Monday 10th September 2018, Opogo and Thames Teachers have partnered with Generate, an industry leading umbrella company, and we will be covering all umbrella fees for our members.

That’s right, you will pay nothing for the use of our umbrella service. This will enable you to get the great and reliable service and benefits of using an industry-leading umbrella company without having to sacrifice your salary for it.

Umbrella companies allow contractors to work different assignments with different schools, whilst having a single employer throughout. This has many benefits, from ensuring a consistency of PAYE tax deductions to building a solid employment history to help with mortgage and other credit applications.

"...signing up to work with Opogo means taking the first step in improving your salary, development and day to day autonomy."

If you chose to work with Opogo and Thames Teachers through Generate, they become your employer and assume responsibility for paying your salary. This means you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are paying all of the correct taxes and national insurances week by week and will always be paid correctly and on time.

To find out more about our partnership with Generate and how else we can help you get more value from your career, get in touch with one of our community managers by visiting our website at


About the CEO


Justyn Randall

CEO  |  Founder

With extensive experience and strategic skill in building leading global marketing businesses across multiple sectors, Justyn is the CEO and founder of Opogo.

From his deep understanding of the industry and its challenges, Justyn launched Opogo with the prime motivation of transforming the experience of educators within the industry.


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