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Justyn Randall

Monday, 11 June 2018

At the heart of the OPOGO platform – what drives it, what gives it real purpose – is our community. And our Members sit right in the centre of that community. 


In fact, our vision is to transform the lives of everyone in education. 

Before we set out to build OPOGO, I’d seen that working in eduction can be a lonely world. Under paid, overworked, very little offered back and the sense that there isn’t anyone who can really help you or understand your problems. 

Because of the scale and reach required, I believe technology was part of the answer. But I’d had enough of using cold, soulless apps with little interaction or personality, and even less value. Too many platforms have taken this too far and removed all human connection for the user. So there’s no number to call, no-one to help, and no way of solving a problem easily. 


"Opogo is a friendly, personal platform driven by tech but delivered by real people who understand our industry" - Justyn Randall, CEO, OPOGO 


I wanted to do the opposite and build a friendly, personal platform. One that was driven by advanced tech but delivered by real people who understand our industry and the challenges people face every day. I wanted to encourage, enable and build warm connections online, offline, in person at our workshops and over the phone (and yes, our number is available 0330 058 6700 try it).  

Relationships really matter, so OPOGO helps nurture them. Members can now get connected and upskill their talents, and active Members can use the platform to better manage their careers, reduce admin, cut down on stress, and simply work smarter. 

OPOGO is easy to use, accessible on mobile, and provides a warm, positive, friendly environment of help and support (and loads of extra benefits including Perkbox). 

So whether you are an NQT, experienced teacher, invigilator or anyone working in the education sector our community, OPOGO will help to bring you together. 

But to help a community, you need a community team to make it happen. 

James Ski, our CRO, is heading this up at OPOGO. With over  three years’ experience in building communities at LinkedIn, James brought with him their admirable ethos of putting Members first – an approach we completely embrace.  

This is such an important value it has guided all our decisions before even considering profit and growth.


"I was always motivated by LinkedIn’s mission is to make the world’s professionals more successful and productive. It works for them, and it works for us in the world of education." – James Ski, CRO, OPOGO 


James also built up the largest network of technology founders and sales leaders in UK via Sales Confidence. It started by bringing people together in real life small environments and grew rapidly from there.  

And it’s this level of experience, expertise and community-driven excellence that is powering OPOGO forward as we grow. 

James is supported by our community managers and education experts, Jane, Kirsty, Richard, Jo, Elaine, Jasmin, Raymond, and Paul (and this team is growing rapidly). They have brought their years of practical experience to add real value to everything we do. 

As industries move closer towards automation, chatbots, and the AI-humanisation of tech platforms, those who do not stay connected to the human importance of relationships will lose out.  

This will never happen at OPOGO because we’re here to look after our Members and their future.  

Our community approach takes us out there into the real world to make a difference and give something back. We invest in our partner schools with new technology and innovative programmes, like #TeachFit and #TeachDigital, where we educate and inspire children about the future of tech and their role in it. 

Our community approach takes us out there into the real world to make a difference and give something back. By working together, by building our community together, by putting our Members’ needs first, we really can transform the lives of everybody in education. 

This OPOGO. This who we are and this is what we do. 


Come and join us on the journey.



About the CEO


Justyn Randall

CEO  |  Founder

With extensive experience and strategic skill in building leading global marketing businesses across multiple sectors, Justyn is the CEO and founder of Opogo.

From his deep understanding of the industry and its challenges, Justyn launched Opogo with the prime motivation of transforming the experience of educators within the industry.

Opogo is a community platform designed to help schools attract and retain the talent that’s right for them. Our social hub is packed with rich content from our community experts. And through our ever-evolving Smart Match technology, teachers can be booked for work simply and quickly.

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