Opogo: 250 members and counting

James Ski

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

When you start something new, every little milestone is a cause for celebration.

Last week, at Opogo, we hit our first milestone. 250 members. That’s right, 250 new members have joined our community platform since we launched our new app in May.

It’s a significant landmark for us. It means we’re well on track to achieve our goal of 1000 new members by the end of the summer.

It’s a thrill to welcome so many new teachers and teaching assistants to our platform. I’m grateful to each one of them.

Every new member is a show of support for our vision of transforming the lives of everyone in education.

Every week there are new stories about challenges for schools and teachers. These challenges are genuine, and we’re here to help teachers face them.

Why we value our members

The reason we value our members so much, and why we are striving to attract more of them, is simple. We need members to build the essential aspect of Opogo, the community.

Every community starts from a small base. The bigger the community, the better Opogo will be. That’s why we’re so happy to see our community coming together so quickly.

How the community helps our members

At Opogo, our primary objective is helping our members find success. We create opportunities for them to:

  • Learn
  • Connect with others
  • Find new jobs

That’s what makes us happy. The bigger the community, the more opportunities there will be.

Community and me

I head up the Community Team at Opogo. Before I came to Opogo, I spent 3 years at LinkedIn, helping to create one of the largest communities in the world. I saw first-hand the power of communities, and what can happen when people get together at scale. At LinkedIn, we always put our members first, and that’s an approach I’ve brought with me to Opogo.

We think about our members before anything else. Before we make a decision, we put ourselves in their shoes. Our members view of Opogo matters more than anything, even profit and growth.

The Opogo Community Team

To build a community, you need a community team to make it happen.

Opogo’s first milestone is the culmination of a massive team effort. We’ve assembled an fantastic Community Team at Opogo. We have community managers and education experts who are bringing their years of practical experience to add value to everything we do.

  • Jane  - Editorial Advisory Board
  • Kirsty - #TeachFit Lead
  • Richard – Career Development Lead
  • Jo – Career Advisor
  • Elaine – Child Mentor

Also Jasmin, Raymond, Paul and everyone else in our rapidly-growing team.

Thank you to the team for all their hard work in getting Opogo to this landmark.

Onwards and upwards

As we put on our party hats and celebrate, we know there is more hard work to come. There will be more milestones along our growth trajectory. We’ll continue to invest our time, effort and resources in providing the best experience for our members.

To find out more about the Opogo community, visit our website or download the Opogo app on your mobile.

If you would like to work for Opogo email james.ski@opogo.com


About our Community Expert


James Ski

CRO, Opogo

With extensive understanding and passion for education and growing companies.

James is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Opogo, driving the success and growth of the Opogo Community Internationally.


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