Teachers as Mentors

Jo Lane

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Educators educate, right? Absolutely right, and when asked ‘what do you do?’ my answer would be ‘I’m a teacher’.

However what struck me this week as I read about National Mentoring Day and watched the Opogo video, is that teachers also fulfill the role of mentor, and we often do this without actually realising it.

I teach Business and I’m Head of Careers and this half term I took some time to think about the young people who I have ‘mentored’ throughout my 8 years in education.

We all have one of those. The teacher who had a lasting impact and who made a difference.

I haven’t always been involved in careers education, so whilst this provides mentoring opportunities, what I realised is that many of us provide mentoring in the classroom.

As teaches we do the following every day:

  • Set achievable targets
  • Provide support to reach targets
  • Suggest strategies to overcome challenges
  • Provide pastoral support
  • Motivate
  • Praise
  • Celebrate Achievement


While we do this for all pupils, it is inevitable that within each class or year group there will be certain individuals who will respond and benefit from your mentoring more than others.

The impact of this tends to results in that young person referring to you as ‘the teacher they will always remember’.

So as you start this hectic half term and plan for the craziness of Christmas, remember that you are not just educating, you are mentoring young people every day you set foot in your classroom.

You are making a positive difference in their lives and you might be the teacher they will always remember.



About our Community Expert

Head of Careers at The Windsor Boys' School

Combining her business experience with an ability to engage KS4 & 5 pupils in the classroom has enabled Jo to specialise in delivering learning experiences linked to the ‘real world’.

An advocate of apprenticeships as an alternative to the traditional university route, Jo states her greatest job satisfaction has come from helping pupils into apprenticeship roles and seeing them thrive. 

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