Top Signs You’ve Found the School for You

Paul Boyd

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

I was told once before a job interview “Remember; it’s not just them interviewing you – you’re interviewing them.”

We’re so often focused on making sure that we are suitable for a role or interview that we forget to consider something equally as important – are these people or this institution the best fit for my needs, wants and skills?

Here are some ideas to consider if you’ve found the right school for you:

Know thyself

Do you know what kind of environment you thrive in? Do you know how you wish to be treated by colleagues and superiors? Do you know where you want to be in five years and how you might get there?

Do you know what style of teacher you are? If not, you’d better spend some time thinking about these issues. It’s easy to say what you don’t want or are unwilling to do, but you need to be clear on what you do want out of your working life.

school building

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About our Community Expert


Paul BPaul Boyd
Community Expert

Paul is an actor and English teacher from Northern Ireland. Alongside his acting career working in theatre, film and television across the UK, he also teaches in primary and secondary schools throughout London.

Paul provides performance coaching to both individual clients and businesses.


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