Welcome to the 12 Days of ‘TeachFitmas’

Justyn Randall

Monday, 3 December 2018

The run-up to the seasonal holidays in December is always a happy time for teachers and their pupils. Not only are there are plenty of fun activities to get involved with, but there’s also the prospect of a couple of weeks off with friends and family to look forward to.

As part of our mission to transform education, we want to play our part in bringing joy to our community in December as we all get ready for the holidays.

That’s why we've launched our brand new 12 days of TeachFitmas campaign on 1st December. It’s an exciting giveaway competition that teachers can sign up to and enter their names into a draw to win fantastic sports, PE and wellness related prizes for themselves and their schools.

From the 10-21 of December we are giving away an amazing prize along with a daily mindfulness exercise from Kirsty Raynor, who heads up our #TeachFit programme at Opogo.

We’ve got some really fantastic prizes in store for you and your school from leading brands such as Sweaty Betty, Ellesse, Bose and Nails Inc. amongst many more. To enter the festive giveaway, see the link below.

So what is #TeachFit and what is its purpose?

Our #TeachFit programme aims to improve the lives of all those in education by bringing lessons in yoga, mindfulness and meditation to teachers and students in schools. It’s a key strand of the services we provide to our community and is open to everyone who joins the Opogo network.

According to research, some educators can feel incredibly stressed at work - which means a high proportion consider leaving the profession and many feel they are unable to support the children they teach.

By improving the knowledge and capabilities of teachers, we can equip them with the skills to help manage their own wellbeing and improve the quality of their lives - both inside and outside the classroom.

As well as working with teachers to help students learn yoga, mindfulness and meditation techniques, Kirsty provides hints and tips under the banner of Wellness Wednesday. Recent posts include how to manage your well-being in the run-up to Christmas by writing down intentions for the month ahead - as well as affirmations that help to focus the mind and reduce anxiety.

Reasons to be cheerful

We deliberately designed our organisation around a community approach, which also takes us out into the real world to make a difference and give something back. I’m thrilled that we recently passed the 1,000th member milestone and that so many educators contact us to let us know how much value they get from others in the network as well as our in-depth content and tools.

Look out for more details on how to enter the 12 Days of TeachFitmas competition, which went live on 1st December. In the meantime, let’s find as many reasons as possible to be cheerful about the final weeks of 2018 and the new opportunities that 2019 will bring.



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