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12 books to support children’s mental health

Posted by Sarah Salmon on Monday, 4 February 2019
Sarah Salmon
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As this week marks Children’s Mental Health week, we’ve put together a list of our top books for helping children to talk about mental health problems more openly.

These days, teachers and support staff are not only there to support children educationally but are increasingly being called upon to help manage a rising number of children with social and emotional difficulties.

When stuck for inspiration and guidance, it is natural for us to turn to online resources and the world-wide library of books and guides. Whilst a book alone cannot provide you with a quick-fix of all the answers; they can help give you understanding and context to better equip you with the skills to support children with mental health issues.

MH Books

If you’re looking for some extra guidance to help your students struggling with mental health issues, take a look at the list of books that help make sense of your role as their mentor in school.


Book 1








Bob's Blue Period

By Marion Deuchers

Book 2








The Bear Who Stared

By Duncan Beedie

Book 8









By Louise Greig


Book 10
By Virginia Ironside and Frank Rodgers
Book 3
By Levi Pinfold

Book 4
Book 6
Pass It On
By Sophie Henn

Book 9
The Goldfish Boy
By Lisa Thompson

Book 7
Ruby's Worry
By Tom Percival

Book 12

Silly Billy

By Anthony Brown

Book 11

Augustus and His Smile

By Catherine Raynor


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