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10 fun ways to raise money for Red Nose Day in school

Posted by Simi Rai on Thursday, 7 March 2019
Simi Rai

Since 2017, Red Nose Day has helped nearly 15 million people across the UK and in some of the world’s poorest communities.

2.6 million of them are children and vulnerable young adults. We all enjoy Red Nose Day and are proud to raise money for the cause and this year it falls on Friday, March 15th.

We’ve completed sponsored silences allowed non-school uniform days and ran several bake sales, but let’s try something a little bit different for Red Nose Day this year!

Here are 10 fun ways to celebrate and raise money in schools this year:

1. Pupil vs teacher sports matches

Set up a basketball or football match between the teachers and older pupils in the school and collect donations from spectators and supporters from both sides. Besides the obvious competitive factor, pupils will love the challenge and rise to the occasion! Keep team numbers fair and advertise the match in advance during school assemblies.

2. Have a school-wide quiz

Create a challenging quiz with a mystery prize for the top 3 winners. Pupils could pay one pound to enter and questions could be unique to the school. Or you could just go down the general knowledge route, but teacher or subject specific questions are more entertaining! E.g. when was the school founded or which teacher was born in Italy? Your pupils will be excitedly chasing you for the answers!

Spelling Bee

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Simi Rai
Community Expert

Over 5 years of experience in educational settings throughout London, Madrid and Barcelona. Whilst studying English Literature and Language at King’s College London and the University of North Carolina, she fell in love with her subject - both the study of literature and craft of writing.

After graduating, she completed the Leadership Development Programme with Teach First, whose mission is to provide equality through education, and attained her PGCE in Secondary English at Canterbury Christ Church University. She was then appointed as Deputy Head of English at one of the highest performing schools in England in a London inner-city academy.

Following this, she completed her Leadership and Management MA at University College London (Institute of Education) and became the director of an English Language company based in Barcelona.

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