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10 GIFs to describe those end-of-term feels

Posted by Sarah Salmon on Monday, 1 July 2019
Sarah Salmon
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Let’s face it, those last few weeks of term are never fun. Ever.


You’re stressed, you’re tired and if one more person tells you how lucky you are to have the summer off, they’ll be enjoying their summer in a sweaty body cast.

Being a teacher throughout May and June deserves a medal of courage so to make those final weeks and days a little more bearable, have a laugh at some of the best memes out there that resonate with us quite remarkably.

1. Wine o’clock hour becomes a little more generous.

New Project (9)

Trying to lead student assemblies becomes somewhat…taxing.

New Project (8)

3. When the grading takes over.

New Project (16)

 That look you give when students ask for a bump up in their grades...

New Project (17)

Those Monday blues begin to hit you hard. 

New Project (15)

6. Staff meetings become a race of who can sit closest to the door.

New Project (11)

7. Anything that requires extra time or brain power feels like torture.

New Project (10)

8. Playtime duty becomes a game of hide and seek. You hide, the students relentlessly seek. 

New Project (12)

9. Because if we can’t cry, we dream.

New Project (13)

10. If you hear this one more goddam time…

New Project (14)


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