10 Teacher Excuses for Chocolate

Sarah Salmon

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

From time to time, everyone needs to indulge in a little T.L.C and we wouldn't be wrong to say Chocolate is the perfect cure-all remedy!


It's a sweet treat with even sweeter benefits but as if you all really need a reason to indulge in the brown stuff.

As educators, we all like to do our background research so you'll be pleased to know that scientists have found that chocolate has a plethora of positive health benefits.


From boosting brain flow, improving attention and memory span, it wouldn't be far off to say that a chocolate bar a day keeps the doctor away!

We've rounded up a compilation of the perfect excuses for you to reach for the chocolate wrappers but as if you all really need an excuse!


1.) Late night marking papers? Wake yourself up with some chocolate coated coffee beans.


2.) Classroom glitter all on the floor? Time to reach for the dairy milk.


Long staff meeting? Double hot chocolate...with extra shavings.


4.) Parent-teacher conference? Squirrel in some extra strong mint chocolate.


Standardized test week? Get your fork into some chocolate cake. A whole one.


6.) No time for lunch? Energize yourself with some chocolate covered peanuts.


Students 'forgot' their homework? Time to bring on the big boy bar.


8.) Enraged parent on the phone? Crack open the chocolate box lid.


Photo copier broken again? Time for the chocolate frosting in a tub. Simplez.


10.) Your turn on playground duty? Did someone say chocolate cookies?



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