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19 goals for 2019

Posted by Kirsty Raynor on Thursday, 3 January 2019
Kirsty Raynor
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Firstly, can I just say the biggest HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

This is such an exciting time to really asses what we want to become and begin our journey with motivation and excitement. You will, however, notice that the heading for this piece is not 'New Year, New Year' or something like that, as this goes against everything I believe in.

You are an amazing person already and you do not need a New You! New Year Resolutions are a way of putting so much pressure on ourselves we are already destined to fail before we even started.

Rather than live 2019 full of restrictions let’s put together some goals to enrich our mind, body and soul.

I have picked 19 new goals for 2019 – literally just because of the year (I know, cliche) but also because personally, 19 was also an incredible age for me. I remember it so well even now, and so I think it is poignant in my mindset of positivity for the year.

Notepad and coffee (3)

I know that picking 19 goals for a whole year can seem really intimidating but the way I split mine up makes them far easier to balance...

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Kirsty Raynor

#TeachFit programme lead

Kirsty is a yoga teacher on a journey of empowerment, building confidence and pushing the boundaries of what traditional yoga is and can be. 

She leads the TeachFit Yoga workshops in our partner schools.


Topics: Wellbeing


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