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5 inspirational movies to boost work productivity

Posted by Sarah Salmon on Thursday, 5 September 2019
Sarah Salmon
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Ever walked into a film in a certain mood or headspace only to find yourself walking out with a new sense of perspective?


It's one of those magical life experiences - when something so simple as watching another's life story on a screen can have an incredible impact on how we live our own.

Films and movies have the potential to unknowingly influence and motivate the decisions we make once we step away from the cinema screen. More so, the thoughts and inspiration you get from these films can be just the motivational push you need to step up to your desired productivity and success at work.

Without further ado, here is our list of top inspirational movies that can't help but motivate you to boost your productivity at work.

1. Yes Man: Embrace opportunities

A film that you can't help but chuckle at as we see Carl Allen try and transform his unfulfilled and average life into something positive and rewarding.

This film makes you question the opportunities you may have missed out on by simply saying 'no' and inspires you to start saying 'yes' to life.

yes man

2. The Pursuit of Happiness: Never give up

An emotional story that tugs on those heart strings as Will Smith beautifully portrays a salesman who experiences great financial struggle and eventually becomes homeless. 

Potentially one of the most powerful films to inspire you to never give up on yourself and your dreams. The key takeaway from this film is to never allow circumstances, no matter how difficult, destroy your dreams of being better and becoming something more.

Pursuit of happiness

3. The Internship: Always be yourself

Besides being a great comedy, this film acts as a great reminder to always play to your own strengths, and work within your own abilities. The Internship not only shares the importance of hustling, but that creativity and effort can make the impossible happen.

The internship

4. Joy: Take control of your life

A film that shows the true passion and motivation of a mother and caretaker who wants to be better and do better for her family by becoming an inventor and businesswoman.

Aside from some fantastic acting from Jennifer Lawrence, Joy makes you question what you could be doing with your life with a little extra energy and desire for something more.


5. The Wolf of Wall Street: Drive and prosperity

A movie based upon the real-life story of Jordan Belfort, the underlying message of this film makes you re-evaluate the direction of your life and how you can aim for bigger and better things.

Whilst this film glamourises the high-life of money and success, it also grounds you by showing you just where a sense of drive can lead you. A final message of perspective is created throughout the story by showcasing what can be bought with money, as well as what cannot.

wolf of wall street


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