5 reasons why you are amazing

Sarah Salmon

Monday, 19 November 2018

Marking tray overflowing? Daylight dwindling before your eyes? Your emergency chocolate stash attacked and emptied by your yesterday you?

Whilst the teaching dash till Christmas break can be a long and arduous battle, take five, kick up your feet, grab those staffroom choccies and have a little pick-me-up mid-week treat with our reminders of what makes you truly great!

1. You have a bladder of steel

Ever wandered what a toilet break was? Us neither. 

2. You never give up on your pupils

Is the saying "if at first you don't succeed, then try, try, try again" ringing any bells? You may have the hardest nut in the classroom to crack but teachers will try every strategy, angle, promise or ploy to help their students learn and succeed. You are, my friends, real-life nutcrackers!

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3. You own creative powers

Whilst 'creative' may be deemed a wild understatement, you have the ability to turn just about everything and anything into a teaching tool of encouragement and success. There are no limits to where or when inspiration may strike and if you haven't made a pizza box into something cool yet, we guarantee you're already thinking what you can rustle up after your BBQ deep-dish tonight. 

4. You are a selfless superhero

You sacrifice things that most wouldn't simply because you love what you do. Weekends are spent marking extra papers, creating papier mâché masterpieces and devising ways of creating a winter wonderland in your classroom. Why? You want to do anything you can to benefit your kiddos.

5. You truly care

Teachers are humble creatures; they do what they do not for the praise but to actually make a difference. Not only do you teach our children the skills needed for the future, you make them feel valued, safe and worthy. 


Whilst these reasons are only a small snapshot into all the reasons why you are amazing, they are ones I want you to read, digest and reflect upon. Feel proud, educators! You are amazing and you're doing an amazing job so thank you!

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