5 tips for coping with Sunday night anxiety

Kirsty Raynor

Sunday, 17 February 2019

You know that feeling on a Sunday evening where you have finished your roast dinner, you have just watched Countryfile (maybe that’s just me) and then that feeling of dread for the week ahead sets in?

Naturally, we begin to feel overwhelmed. I read a really interesting article on Forbes that said about 75% of us feel dread about returning to work on a Monday and 60% of us experience our worst nights sleep on a Sunday.

Now I don't know about you but those statistics are HUGE! It is also a catalyst for stress and anxiety for your whole week. However, what this also says to me is that it is totally normal to feel this way and that you are not alone - in fact, you are in the majority.


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About our Community Expert


Kirsty Raynor

#TeachFit programme lead

Kirsty is a yoga teacher on a journey of empowerment, building confidence and pushing the boundaries of what traditional yoga is and can be. 

She leads the TeachFit Yoga workshops in our partner schools.


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