8 last-minute costumes for World Book Day

Sarah Salmon

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

It’s World Book Day looming this Thursday and the quest for a costume that is creative and fun is on.

It’s the same every year; between the bookmarking, lesson planning and staff meetings, putting together a costume of brilliance ends up with a last-minute panic dash to the local supermarket.

Sound familiar?

Instead of paying out an arm and a leg for something mediocre and unoriginal from Tesco’s finest, get yourself nose deep in your closet and you might just find that putting something together from what you already have is not so tricky after all!

Check out our guide of ideas so that you have a panic-less hunt for the perfect character costume this World Book Day:

1. Where’s Wally

What you’ll need: Found a red and white striped top lurking around? Now’s the time to put it to good use.
Match this with a bobble hat and some thick-rimmed round glasses and voila you’ve got yourself a wally.

Can’t find a striped top anywhere? Take an old white t-shirt and either paint or colour in some red stripes.

where's wally

2. Eeyore

What you’ll need: A melancholic mood, blue pyjamas, a make-shift tail, ears and some pink ribbon.

Want to make an impact with minimal effort? Chuck on some blue pyjamas – extra points for an all-over blue onesie – makeshift a tail that you can pin to the back and tie a pink ribbon to the end of it.

Finish off with a monotone voice and a severe depletion of enthusiasm and you’re good to go!


3. Mary Poppins

What you’ll need: A white shirt, long black skirt, a black ribbon, a black hat, black umbrella and an over-sized bag.

A simple look that you can pull off without much fuss. Tuck a white shirt into a long black skirt and tie a black ribbon around the collar into a bow. Pop on your bowler hat, crack open your umbrella and waltz into school like lady Mary herself.

Mary Poppins

4. Charlotte’s Web

What you’ll need: Blue jeans, hair bands, a red plaid shirt and a stuffed pig (optional)

A look that you can nail without really lifting a finger. Grab some blue jeans and roll them up at the bottom. Pull on a red checked plaid shirt, bunch your hair in pigtails and if you happen to have one lying about, complete the look with a stuffed pig animal under your arm.

The resemblance will be uncanny.

Charlottes web

5. Mr Bump

What you’ll need: Blue jeans, skirt, dress and a blue top, loo roll

A simple but effective look would be to channel your inner Mr Bump. Don your bluest clothes for an all over ensemble and then get creative with the loo roll. Wrap some paper around you so that you look positively bashed up or if you prefer to go one step fancier, oversized plasters or bandages can also give an effective look.

Mr Bump

6. Burglar Bill

What you’ll need: A black and white striped top, a black bin bag, some black card and elastic

Another fairly simple ensemble to rustle up but this time, a touch of basic crafting skills is required. Pop on a black and white striped t-shirt and pair it with some dark trousers and shoes. Grab some black card and cut yourself a basic eye mask that you can secure in place with some elastic.

Get out a black bin bag and with some white paint, Tipex or nail polish, write ‘SWAG’ on the front. Pop it over your shoulder and you’re good to get burglin’!

Burglar Bill

7. The Queen of Hearts

What you’ll need: A white top, a black skirt and a pack of cards, red card/paper, glue and a plastic crown

As long as you don’t mind forfeiting a pack of cards you have lying about, get yourself dressed in a white top and a black skirt.

Next up, grab some scissors and cut out some red hearts that you can stick or staple to your white top. Pick out all the heart cards, stick them together in a fan and secure them to your collar with a safety pin.

To finish off the look, tie your hair up in a bun, pop on your gold crown and draw some red hearts on your cheeks with some lipstick.

Heart Queen

8. Gangsta Granny

What you’ll need: A long skirt, a button up cardigan, a string of pearls, black paper, slippers, black bin bag, talcum powder (optional)

A fun look that will keep you extra comfortable all day is none other than Gangsta Granny. Don your longest skirt, a ‘granny-style’ cardigan, blouse or shirt and, a pearl necklace, slippers and some wrinkly tights.

Grab your black card and cut out a makeshift eye mask and grab a black bin bag that could become your ‘SWAG’ sack.

If you happen to have a grey wig knocking about then complete the look with a head full of greys or simply sprinkle a dusting of talcum powder over your roots for that old-age finish.

Gangsta Granny


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