Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Classroom

Sarah Salmon

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The way young individuals see themselves, one another and the world around them begins with what they see and learn in the classroom.

For students to feel prepared for navigating the modern world, it's vital, more so than ever, that the curriculum they are taught reflects the full diversity of the world we all live in.

It is only through our support and teaching them the importance of diversity that students can learn to support and celebrate the thoughts and views of not only those who are different to them but to also accept and love the things that make them individual and different too.

While Britain has come a long way in supporting the LGBT community and its place of equality in day-to-day living, something that remains a commonplace in many of our schools is anti-LGBT bullying and language. An important step we can take as today's educators is to provide a curriculum that includes the themes, values and experiences of those who are lesbian, gay, bi or trans (LGBT).

Pride notebook

It's no surprise that in schools where LGBT pupils feel their views and experiences are supported and reflected in their learning, feel included within the school community and are less likely to experience prejudice towards who they are as individuals. Not only does an inclusive curriculum benefit the LGBT students within a school, but it sends a powerful and supportive message to any staff who are LGBT or who have friends and family that are struggling with being LGBT.

At Opogo, we firmly believe that anyone in education - educator, pupil or parent, shouldn't just simply b-e in it but should be able to t-h-r-i-v-e in it.

This is why we've put together an inclusive guide to how you can naturally and easily incorporate LGBT issues within your curriculum and cultivate a nurturing environment of respectful behaviour, critical thinking and social justice.

LGBT students

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