10 ways to nail your teacher interviews

Jane Wood-Chambers

Thursday, 17 January 2019

The purpose of the interview is to not only establish if you have the necessary skills for a specific role but if you are the right person for the setting.

It is equally an essential part of the safeguarding and safer recruitment process as this is the opportunity for the relevant questions to be asked and any worries or concerns by the interviewers to be asked and clarified.

For you, as the interviewee, it can also be seen as a chance for you to establish if the setting is right for you! It works both ways and it is important to remember that!

So what are the top tips for answering the questions effectively so that you are able to leave the interview with a sense that you gave it your best shot and did all that you could do.

1. Be on time!

No need to expand on this – it is non-negotiable! Leave super early and factor in all obstacles you can think of…maybe do a ‘dry run’ to the school so that you are able to find the correct road in and the entrance. Schools are notoriously difficult to get into!

2. Dress appropriately for an interview and look like you being there is as important for you as it is for them

Smart dress is essential. We all know how to present ourselves. Think Obama and Michelle; understated and professional.

Teacher interview

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