How we address youth culture and violence in schools

Elaine Thomas

Saturday, 2 February 2019

The threat is not youth culture. Youth culture, as we experience it today is one of if not the most powerful subculture of society we’ve ever seen.

It has changed the way we do everything. There is however one area that remains hindered by old age societal norms; our discourse with young people about their experiences, expectations, values, solutions and recommendations.

The solution is youth culture; as far-fetched and utopian as it may seem.

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You see, consulting students to fine-tune school policy and procedures would be the best thing schools, teachers and youth services can do to improve their understanding of youth culture and how to prevent or at least reduce violence in schools.

Safeguarding, prevent learner support, child protection, school behaviour, special educational needs, health and safety, recruitment and vetting, anti-bullying and our complaints policy and procedures.

These are all invaluable documents, that unfortunately disregard the experiential consultation young people have to offer.

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About our Community Expert 


Elaine Thomas
Community Expert

Director of The mentoring Lab, Elaine has over 15 years of experience in teaching, employment, mentoring, supporting learning and career progression.

Elaine is the Opogo community expert working with young people and adults to prevent underachievement in their learning or careers.

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