Innovative learning strategies for modern pedagogy

Jane Wood-Chambers

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

What is the current pedagogy in education in the UK and what are the innovative teaching methods employed to support it?

Pedagogy refers to the way in which the teachers and the pupils/students relate to one another, the environment in which they learn, and the learning tasks undertaken. It is really all about relationships and how the teachers and pupils/students relate to one another, including the style of communication used by the teacher in the classroom to instruct.


Our parents/grandparents and even some of us would have experienced the ‘chalk and talk’ method of teaching where the delivery of the curriculum was mainly from a subject specialist teacher from the front of the class in the form of a lecture. This method alone would look very out of place in a modern British classroom and questions would be asked about how this one style of delivery is accessed by all the pupils.

Education has developed and evolved over the past decades and having a deeper understanding of how children learn, methods teachers employ that enable them to achieve their potential and the support and guidance required to achieve this has been an exciting and interesting journey for all of us.

There has been a huge change in, for example how reading and literature is taught. Reading, when I was at school was taught mainly through having access to read books and been immersed in a rich culture of text and opportunities for accessing stories, poetry, letters, biographies, instructions and other forms of the written word.

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