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Posted by Justyn Randall on Monday, 4 June 2018
Justyn Randall
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If you work in UK education today, you’ll know what an incredibly pressured world it is. Greater complexity, longer hours, more admin, less staff to do more jobs and one of the highest pupil-to-teacher ratios in the developed world. And the pressure is only going to increase.


By 2025 pupil numbers are expected to grow by c.620,000 (to over 8.1 million) increasing the demand and pressure on schools to recruit and retain teachers.’

– Department for Education – National pupil projections – future trends in pupil numbers 


Agencies are currently doing their best to plug the gaps, but this is a slow, inconsistent and expensive way to do it. 

Did you know that the UK spends more than £1.3billion sourcing supply teachers? And that about £900million of that is spent through these fragmented agencies? Colossal sums that may grow when Brexit finally happens and the movement of talent across countries becomes harder. 

The negative effective of all this pressure is that one in three teachers will leave the profession after just three years. 


‘Teacher shortages are expected to worsen as teacher training targets are not being met and teachers continue to leave the profession. The public sector has been losing c.40,000 teachers pa on what appears to be an upward trajectory.’
Department for Education – School Workforce Survey 


And let’s not even start on the levels of pay. 

With a personal relationship in education, I felt this wasn’t good enough. It didn’t seem right that people had to work like this in the most valuable of sectors. 

Clearly, fresh thinking was needed. A new, innovative approach to make genuine and lasting change happen. 

So in April 2017, I began by building a strong founder team of Gavin King (CPO), James Ski (CRO) and Will Bonner-May (CTO), all market leaders in education, recruitment, digital, technology, design, product development, SaaS, UX, UI and most importantly building world class products. 

We reached out to better understand the actual short and long term demands in the education sector. We held focus groups; we asked, we listened, we learned. We looked at the pain points to find where smart tech could improve the delivery of much need services to the people who need it. 

We then began building powerful, tailored, mobile technology that was as easy to use as it was effective. Now, after thousands of hours, we’re ready to launch. 

And it’s called OPOGO. 

OPOGO is a community-based platform designed to help both schools and teachers work smarter and faster. 


With OPOGO: 

  • Admin is massively reduced 
  • Compliance is made more efficient 
  • Processes are sped up 
  • Advanced technology keeps track of everything 
  • Networking and knowledge sharing are made easier and life becomes easier, simpler and more enjoyable 


We’re all massively excited about this project and the positive effects it will have on the lives of everyone in education, including families and pupils. 

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be updating you on the business as well as sharing our strategy as we look to grow and develop our service. If you would like to find out more now, or join us on our journey, please email me using the contact details on the Opogo website.

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