Teacher Recruitment and Retention in 2019

Pete Atherton

Monday, 11 February 2019

The DfE’s Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy is the latest of several initiatives to address the ongoing decrease in teacher numbers.

The document is framed by a rousing foreword from Damian Hinds, the Secretary of State for Education.

Here, he heaps praise on the ‘enthusiasm’, ‘commitment’ and ‘expertise’ of the teachers with whom he has collaborated in order to formulate the strategy. Hinds’ response to the prevalent issues in the profession was informed by ‘unflinching’ scrutiny of the views and experiences of headteachers and teachers. The conclusion to the foreword lifts the curtain on the government’s plans to reverse years of dwindling retention in teaching.

A crucial component of these plans is a two-year structured programme of support, to help provide the kind of support that other professions receive during their early years.

The optimists among us may have faith in the drive to change the culture of schools. Sceptics would point to the hundreds of thousands of teachers have been driven out of the profession as a by-product of a toxic culture in their school or college. The human beings who created and sustained this culture have apparently missed the elephant in the room.

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