Meet the team: Our Community Managers

Sarah Salmon

Sunday, 1 July 2018


Daniel Greeves

I’m Daniel, a community manager with Opogo helping us build our community of teachers.

I’ve a professional background in tech sales and education recruitment. I’ve recently moved back to the UK from Chengdu, where I lived for 3 years. Passionate about continued education and always trying to learn new things  - currently studying for my Chinese language exams!

Favourite chocolate bar: Toblerone

Interesting fact about me: I’ll make this a challenge for everyone: somewhere in the depths of YouTube there is a music video of me dancing very badly on the Great Wall with a load of big Chinese popstars including Jackie Chan. I’ll buy a drink for the first person to find it.



Leon Haque

I’m Leon Haque, a community manager with Opogo helping us build our community of teachers.

I’ve previously worked at Virgin Active Hammersmith where I worked part time whilst studying at Stanmore college. I was completing a level 3 sports BTEC which was a two year course. I began my career at Virgin Active as a cleaner (literally started at the bottom). I then managed to progress and gained my lifeguard qualification and was a lifeguard for a further 3 months. Finally I became a trained receptionist at virgin active and was working with them until the end of March 2018.

Favourite chocolate bar: Dairy Milk Fruit and nut

Interesting fact about me: I have played football from the age 5 and have been previously on trial with Chelsea, Brentford and QPR. Unfortunately, after two ankle breaks I decided fate wasn’t on my side and decided to finish playing football in December 2017. I now just carry on with my gym work. I am also Slovakian, Indian, Welsh, English and American.



Excel Rasanen

My name is Excel and I have heard every Microsoft joke imaginable. If I hear something new I will truly be impressed.

As a recent graduate I am still a newbie in recruitment with about 6 months experience across the hospitality and education sector. I am excited to learn a lot as a Community Manager and meet fantastic people along the way.    

Favourite chocolate bar/treat: Praline pecan ice cream is my kryptonite, when I am not treating myself to ice cream I will be eating mangoes, many mangoes.

An interesting fact about you: I grew up figure skating and I used to skate competitively in Sweden when I was a teenager. And yes, I had to wear the frilly sparkly outfits, which I was not a fan of!

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