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Sarah Salmon

Friday, 22 June 2018


Natalie Isaacs

As a child I never had the thought ‘I want to be a recruitment consultant when I grow up!’ but somehow, after falling into it some 14 years ago…I’m still wondering what to do when I eventually do grow up.

Having studied at The London College of Fashion I discovered that the industry was far too pretentious for me, and after some time working for an art publishing company, found my first recruitment job where my boss was none other than the lovely Jo! Having worked in a variety of positions, covering both Primary and Secondary schools across London, I am now very pleased to be joining Lauren on the secondary team at such an exciting time for the company!

Favourite drink: (far more partial to this than chocolate!) Vodka, Lime and Soda (always fresh lime!)

Interesting fact about me: I used to be a holiday rep (not quite 18-30’s) – was the best 2 years of my life! I did two summer’s in Lanzarote and two ski seasons in Italy and I am pleased to say that I am very good at organising a bar crawl! I am also a die-hard Tottenham fan who does understand the offside rule!



Hannah Jenson

My name is Hannah and I’ve been with the company for 4 years working in recruitment and management.

I’m originally a teacher from Queensland, Australia and have also taught in the UK. I am strongly invested in education and love getting out to visit my schools and candidates - I still think London is the best city in the world!

Favourite chocolate bar: Cherry Ripe 

Interesting fact about me: In my spare time I love to watch the Formula One racing and my aim is to visit every country in Europe by 2021!



William Bailey

Kia Ora! That’s hello down in New Zealand where I come from. I moved to London in 2016 in search of a fresh challenge and begun my career in recruitment within the education sector.

The people working at schools or as education staff are fantastic and a real highlight of my role is communicating with these people on a daily basis. I am an avid sports fan and particularly enjoy watching a good game of rugby during my own time, especially when the All Blacks beat Australia! 

Favourite chocolate barTurkish Delight

Interesting fact about me: I worked as a Barista throughout University so I make a very good cup of coffee!



Jo Edge

I’m Jo, the MD for the company. I have a genuine passion for education with a wealth of experience in the sector.

I started my career as a primary teacher in Islington before moving into education recruitment where I have worked for many years. I live in North London with my family and I am a mum to three young girls which gives me even more reason to have an special interest in education! 

Favourite treat: It has to be Amaretto gelato!

Interesting fact about me: I studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths and I’m a lifelong Reading Football club fan which has been an eventful journey so far to say the least!



Lauren Clifton

I’m Lauren the Secondary Team Leader at Opogo. I have been working in Recruitment for over 10 Years and 6 of them have been within Education Recruitment ( I know I don’t look old enough).  

I have experience recruiting for both Primary and Secondary Schools across London and still to this day get as excited making a placement as if it was my first!

Favourite chocolate bar: Twix 

Interesting fact about me: My first ever job was working at Walthamstow market selling toiletries!



Kim Clark

I’m Kim! I have worked for the company for two years and have enjoyed every minute of it! 

I am a Melbourne born Australian coffee lover with a quiet obsession for Avocados and the Italian Language.  I have sky-dived in Queenstown - New Zealand, I have spent a New Year’s Eve under the Times Square clock in New York City and I have swam with Sting Rays off the coast of Mexico. Travelling and exploring all of the corners of the earth is a passion of mine that will honestly last me until the end of time.

Favourite chocolate bar: The all-famous Australian Tim Tam biscuit of course!

Interesting fact about me: In my first ever job when I was 15 I was crowned ‘2nd Fastest Burger Flipper’ for Hungry Jack’s (aka Burger King) in Australia. To think where I would be now…if only I’d come first!



Nathan Burton

Hello, my name is Nathan! I am a Compliance Administrator at Opogo and have been in this role for 3 years as I stayed on after my apprenticeship.

There’s always lots to do in my job which I enjoy as it means there’s rarely an idle moment. I’ve lived in West London my whole life and enjoy doing archery, going out with friends and relaxing whenever possible.

Favourite chocolate bar: Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Interesting fact about me: I am an author with 4 books self-published on Amazon and a 5th one on the way.

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