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New term, new learnings and new opportunities

Posted by Jane Wood-Chambers on Monday, 7 May 2018
Jane Wood-Chambers
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The final half term has kicked off and for a number of us it is the most interesting, exciting, challenging and tiring of times. 

It is interesting as it is when we as educators have the opportunity to complete the final delivery and assessment of a curriculum area or a summary of a key stage. 


We finish off, we enrich, we tidy, and we present. 


Children grow and blossom during these final weeks of their current school year. 

Relationships formed can mature and develop and we feel like we truly know the class and all of the characters nuances within it. 

Take this time to observe and to notice. Plan and organise lessons and opportunities for the students to self-learn and to work collaboratively. Nurture the individual and analyse their social and emotional development; giving them opportunities to further develop in these areas. 

Discussing this snap shot of pupils at this most special time of the school year will be invaluable when they are planning their next steps and thinking about themselves as learners for their next year of their life after school. 

My parting advice for you this term? Enjoy this most special of times.



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