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Sarah Salmon

Monday, 14 January 2019

Parent-teacher relationships are the cornerstone for effective student progress and success which is why, although they can be a pain to organise, write and distribute, student report slips are 100% necessary.

Student report slips give you the opportunity to give parents an insight into the progress and performance of their child beyond just a single grade or note at the bottom of an essay. It's your chance to engage with a student's parent or carer with careful thought and words to describe their academic development. 

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That being said, you're a teacher, not a thesaurus. Trying to write out 26 different student report slips that are each unique, fresh and positive is not an easy feat. Help is at hand, my friends!

We've put together some of the most common situations you'll run into where trying to find the right words - other than the standard cliche comments - when it comes to writing those student report cards...

When a child is positive and exceeding expectations...

Whilst these comments can be the most satisfying and positive to write, remember that the details need as much attention as students with negative behaviours. The key is to keep your comments personal and uplifting. Exemplary sentence starters include:

  • It has been wonderful teaching your child. I love it when they...
  • [Name] is such a conscientious and hard-working student who...
  • You have raised a strong and wonderful child. They often...
  • [Name] is such a pleasure to have in the classroom. They continue...

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