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Reward systems for celebrating good behaviour

Posted by Sarah Salmon on Thursday, 1 August 2019
Sarah Salmon
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Managing a room full of a variety of abilities, behaviours and personalities, taking the time to recognise those in the classroom who have worked hard and celebrate their commendable behaviour and successes.

Appreciating the good behaviour and positive traits of students will not only boost self-esteem, motivate them to work hard for the remainder of the year but will also cultivate a positive learning environment for the whole class.

From individual rewards to whole-class recognition, here is our toolbox of hand-picked resources you can use to celebrate the hard work of your students!

Individual Rewards – on a daily basis

  • Personal/ themed certificates
  • Opportunity to present 'good work' to the class/ head teacher
  • Positive text messages home recognising the exceptionally good work
  • A star chart system leading to an end-of-term prize
  • Visual praise through badges, stickers, medals
  • Awards of class or house points for the school
  • Having the honour of being student helper for the day
  • Personalised postcards sent home to recognise good behaviour

Whole-class Recognition
  • End of term 'special effort' trophies to be awarded to top performing students and classes
  • Exceptional class behaviour rewarded with fun games, tasks or activities
  • Rewarding good behaviour by switching up the learning environment - taking a lesson outside!
  • Motivate students to keep focused with the promise of an end-of-term class field trip
  • Promise of a class outing, activity or vouchers if a certain number of 'stars' are achieved by students
  • Special class honours e.g. being the first dinner table allowed to line up for lunch
  • Ability to choose a class job for the week/ a particular subject to learn

Every success that is recognised helps students become more self-confident and productive as it enables them to feel proud of their achievements.

This sense of pride encourages them to achieve more successful results in the future therefore encouraging and endorsing the importance of school effort. 



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