Summer break? What break, right!

Justyn Randall

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Teachers work really hard. And despite enviable student holidays, we know teachers actually have very little time to “take off” over the summer.

Teachers work really hard. And despite enviable student holidays, we know teachers actually have very little time to “take off” over the summer. There’s always a new lesson to plan, assessments to prepare, even entirely new curriculums to learn. In short, in the world of education, there is never a good time to put your feet up.

Like the education professionals we work for, the summer is no time to rest for us at Opogo either. In order to be the best we can be for our members, we need to continually examine and improve our technology and services to ensure that you get the value we promise you.

The largest part of this improvement process is driven by us listening and acting on your feedback. And that’s not just the feedback from the people we work with already but the feedback of as many people within education as possible.

Hearing your professional joys, challenges and motivations first-hand means we can provide help precisely where it’s needed, solve problems before they arise and add impact and value to as many parts of your career as possible.

As we grow and develop what we offer our customers, we need to grow our team to sustain this. So over the summer, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

By working together, by putting Opogo members’ needs first and adding value through understanding, we have never been more driven to impact the lives of everybody in education.

Since I last posted, we’ve been busily growing our team at Opogo by over 30%. An essential element of this has been driven by the need for more relationship and community managers; the members of our team who work with our members and schools to help them get the most out of the Opogo community.

Seeing this team grow is a testament to the great relationships we are developing, so I am very happy to welcome Graeme Gilles to join this important team, as well Secondary School specialist John Hyatt and Primary School specialist Raj Joshi.

All successful businesses need skilled marketing to get their customer to the heart of their services. So with Joseph Williams joining us, we look forward to engaging with you, even more, to understand how we can reach further, better, together.

And finally, to really bring what we do and who we do it for to life, we welcome Jackson Davies as our Video and Motion Graphics Editor.

Like all education professionals, Opogo has worked hard for the past few months to continue developing a career-enriching service for you that’s powered through our great new app.

The new Opogo app is simple and easy to use but will enable you to manage your career in the way you want to whilst also giving you free access to meet-up events, CPD workshops, community experts and our wonderful wellbeing content.

We would love to show you what we’ve been up to over the summer, so please get in touch with one of our community experts to see more and get access. They’d be happy to speak to you.

These continual improvements are only made possible by the people around us, so to help you get to know our new team members a bit better, here’s more about the latest Opogo recruits.

Have a great start to the new term and thank you for coming on this exciting journey with us!

Raj Joshi – Primary Education Consultant

“I am so excited to help Opogo build up our community of member teachers and partner schools. I bring a combined professional background as an economics and business studies teacher (and, more recently, working in education recruitment).

I’m passionate about ensuring that schools and teachers are able to work together in order to provide children with a positive and exciting learning environment.”


John Hyatt - Secondary Education Consultant

“My teaching journey has taken me around the world from schools and colleges to professional football clubs and technology companies.

I have a heartfelt passion to support schools and teachers in creating the best learning experiences that not just educate students, but inspire them, too.”


Graeme Gillies - Community Manager

“I have always enjoyed working on the front line, engaging with people, and just love discovering more about them, what they need and how I can connect the two.

I‘m mad about travel and sport, and my previous professional experience was working as an Assistant PGA golf professional.”


Jackson Davis - Video and Motion Graphics Editor

“I started my creative journey in design and video at age 11. My self-taught efforts in film-making and animation lead me to Brunel University where I studied visual effects and motion graphics. And I started a video production company while studying, called Davis & Friend.


About the CEO


Justyn Randall

CEO  |  Founder

With extensive experience and strategic skill in building leading global marketing businesses across multiple sectors, Justyn is the CEO and founder of Opogo.

From his deep understanding of the industry and its challenges, Justyn launched Opogo with the prime motivation of transforming the experience of educators within the industry.

Opogo is a community platform designed to help schools attract and retain the talent that’s right for them. Our social hub is packed with rich content from our community experts. And through our ever-evolving Smart Match technology, teachers can be booked for work simply and quickly.

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