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The do's and don'ts of teacher-student relationships!

Posted by Richard Endacott on Saturday, 2 February 2019
Richard Endacott
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Strong teacher-student relationships shape the way children behave in a school setting.

Positive relationships with your students are more likely to help them feel positive about being in your class and in school in general.

They are also more willing to have a go at that really difficult exercise you have set, risking making the odd mistake and because they trust you asking for help when they need it.

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John Hattie in his 2009 research paper ‘Visible Learning’ highlights the positive impact relationships teachers can forge with their students will have on overall outcomes.

John Hattie discovered that teachers are far more likely to have a large and positive impact if they:

  • Are passionate about helping their students learn
  • Forge strong relationships with their students
  • Are clear about what they want their students to learn
  • Adopt evidence-based teaching strategies
  • Monitor their impact on students’ learning, and adjust their approaches accordingly
  • Actively seek to improve their own teaching
  • Are viewed by the students as being credible (Hattie 2016 Update)



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Richard is a history Teacher by Training and for the last few years been head of sixth form. His specialism is leadership and career development in the classroom.

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