Teaching PE at KS1; planning for a lesson!

Jane Wood-Chambers

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

So, your class is all ready, organised and changed and you have them in the hall or PE space waiting for the lesson to begin. Are you changed and ready too?

Wearing the correct PE kit as the teacher is incredibly important as you are the central role model. Jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and trainers is all that is required and it sets a standard.

How do you organise the class to have maximum physical activity and development and minimum fuss and wasted time?

The first step is to plan the lesson meticulously; your introduction, exposition, the activity and the regrouping/plenary (not always at the end of the lesson!). Oh and do not forget to plan for what resources you will need and the use of an additional adult, if this available to you!


Your introduction – 2-3 minutes

What are you teaching the pupils this session? Let them know what you plan to do with them, what they will learn and be able to do at the end of the lesson and most importantly, why.

"We are learning to throw and catch large and small balls."

Being able to throw and catch accurately will give you a skill that you will need to be able to play a range of team games…what games require you to be able to throw and catch?’

You get the idea!


Kids doing P.E


Your Exposition – 5-6 minutes

What are you showing them and why? Talk them through the exposition as this will help with focus.

"I will be modelling throwing and catching small balls with blue group and then large balls with red."

Throw and catch with each pupil (up to 10) and as you do so, discuss the skills you are using to the pupil.

"I am watching the person I am throwing to and thinking about where the ball is going."

"I am keeping my eye on the ball as it is thrown to me’ etc."

Use yourself and any additional adults to encourage, guide and reteach. Walk around the space and remodel, praise and model encouraging behaviour and acknowledgement.

Have your additional adult also model and demonstrate the activity to your students.


The activity – 40-45 minutes

What will the pupils do? They will do exactly what you have just modelled!

Have them work in 2’s, throwing and catching large balls and then small. Use the pairs that you have already set up in the classroom at the beginning of the year; partners for reading and PE for example.

The pupils then know their partner and this will minimise the fuss. Have the balls divided and in separate boxes and make sure there are enough as well as some spares in case any get lost over the all or on the roof!

Your additional adult and you can supervise the pairing, ball collection and allocate them a space in the hall or playground. Pupils need a similar direction in PE as they do in any other lesson.

"Well done, you kept your eye on the ball, you didn’t quite mange to catch it, but keep practicing and watching and it will come."

"Wonderful, you are working well to help your partner to keep practicing to try and catch the ball!"

It is all about the modelling!


The regrouping/Plenary – 2- 3minutes

If there is something wonderful you would like the other pupils to see, then regroup and showcase!

Do this no more than twice in a session, it is all about the activity! 

The second step to a successful PE session is to have fun and enjoy it; take part and model the activity and give the pupils hints and tips for how to acquire the skill being taught.



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