The essential habits of effective teaching

Paul Boyd

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

We are our habits. Or to quote Will Durant; “You are what you repeatedly do”.

The successes and setbacks we experience in life are often connected to actions and behaviours that we barely even think about.
If continual professional (and personal) growth is of interest to you, then looking at your habits could be a good place to start. I find I am continually rechecking my habits to be the happiest, most effective teacher I can be!

Here are some habits that I find useful – how many do you already do?

Be patient with yourself

It takes huge inner-stamina to stay atop of the cultures and workload of school life. A monk-life endurance is often needed for the challenging behaviour of students.

While it takes time and hard work to be a great teacher, you, first of all, must be patient with yourself. Remember to say ‘I’m getting there’ or ‘I’m learning’ rather than ‘I’m so bad at this’ or ‘I’m never going to get this problem sorted’.

Be your word

Only do what you say you’re going to do, or only say what you actually do. Boundaries are easily blurred if we go back and forth between what we say we will do and what we actually do.

For example; you have a disruptive student. After trying all other behaviour management approaches, you threaten a sanction. The child continues to disrupt. You MUST follow through on what you said you would do – if you don’t, it gives the child, and the rest of the class, mixed messages about how you manage them which can make your life more difficult in the long term.

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About our Community Expert


Paul BPaul Boyd
Community Expert

Since 2005, Paul has developed a portfolio C.V. working within numerous industries throughout the UK, rooted in his primary career as an actor.

Further to attaining his PGCE in Secondary English Teaching from CCCU in 2013, Paul has worked in all sections of the Education sector; first as Head of KS3 English in an ‘Outstanding’ Academy in SE London, and is now based in the Primary sector in Newham, working with one of the best primary schools in the capital.

Paul is also an ardent supporter of the Arts in education, developing and supporting the delivery of drama-based training for students and CPD for colleagues.

Alongside his acting and teaching work, Paul offers mentoring & coaching to the business community.


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