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The importance of apprenticeship mentoring

Posted by Jo Lane on Wednesday, 6 March 2019
Jo Lane
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Last week I hosted our annual Careers Fair, to coincide with National Apprenticeship Week. Each year I invite a wide range of businesses to exhibit in order to provide pupils with an insight into the range of careers available to them when they leave school.

This year however, I added an extra dimension to the event and invited back ex-pupils to share their experience of pursuing an apprenticeship pathway. The first thing to strike me when contacting ex-pupils was how keen they were to be involved, and this was reinforced when they arrived back at school last week.

Some had only left last year but already they had matured and grown up before my eyes and it was wonderful to see the confidence in these young men.

I decided to host a Q&A session with the apprentices and set them up on the stage in the main hall; a place not many had been during their time at school as there weren’t many actors or musicians amongst them! They weren’t fazed however and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sharing their stories with current pupils in Sixth Form and Year 11, who fired a range of questions at them during the session.

careers fayre

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About our Community Expert

JoLane_BlueCircle_CommunityExpert-1Jo Lane
Head of Careers at The Windsor Boys' School

Over 8 years of experience in educational settings including FE colleges and secondary schools. Prior to entering education she worked at the Financial Times in a sales and marketing role before deciding to embark on a career change.

Teaching business whilst completing her part-time PGCE at Greenwich University, she transferred her business skills into the classroom and these skills resulted in her providing students with a range of vocational learning experiences linked to the curriculum, including setting up businesses and creating a youth music festival for local performers.

Building on her experience of working in The City, she has established excellent links with local and national employers who provide valuable career opportunities for her pupils, including work experience, employability sessions and apprenticeships. She is motivated to provide pupils or all abilities with the opportunity to be successful in school and helping them secure the right path for their future career.

Topics: Career development


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