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The teacher holiday entertainment guide

Posted by Elaine Thomas on Sunday, 2 December 2018
Elaine Thomas
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Explore this recommended list of books, films, podcasts and TV shows that will keep your thoughts on the people you love the most, during the holidays. Your students. I hope you enjoy. 


As the holiday approaches, this should ideally be the time to reflect on your teaching practice, amend your classroom behaviour methods, mark your students’ mock exams and complete the next terms schemes of work.

Because if it is clear that you have absolutely nothing to do this holiday. I thought it only right, to share a generous list of light to medium entertainment that will tantalize your teaching taste buds and ensure that during your time off, you do not stray too far from the job you love most! 

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Before I also prepare to ‘Netflix and chill’ ( and ‘podcast and chill’) I would like to offer you a gentle reminder...

The below list is something of a phenomenon in world history and culture. Research shows that youth culture did not exist pre-1940’s.

Post War, children were seen and not expected to have an opinion, let alone share it. Whilst enjoying the stories told within the suggested, films, books and podcasts below, let’s remember the impact youth culture has had on our lives and the industry our friends and family work in.

In less than 30 years’ time, current primary and secondary school students all over the world will be at the forefront of youth cultures centennial year. With reflections on the genius of millennials, I envision they will be discussing how they disturbed the education, tech and finance sectors, whilst contributing to broadcast industries near bankruptcy.

So, here’s my must-see, must-read list. Some are violent (pre-warning) and some hysterical, whilst others will challenge your unconscious bias and change the way you see the world forever.


  • Kidulthood
  • Neds
  • This Is England
  • Fish Tank
  • Shank
  • Fast Girls
  • Chalet Girl
  • Bend it Like Beckham
  • Sweet Sixteen
TV Series
  • Top Boy (TV Series)

book light


  • Prisoner to the Streets
  • Teenage: The Creation of Youth Culture
  • Aim A Little Higher
  • Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces
  • The revealing one: No Country for Young Women 

Hopefully, the above list will keep you entertained and deepen your understanding of youth culture and the complex web inner-city youth live in.

Who knows, there may even be some excellent content to use during your new ‘stop everything, let’s just talk’ lessons for 2019. Food for thought!


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Elaine Thomas
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Director of The Mentoring Lab, Elaine has over 15 years of experience in teaching, employment, mentoring, supporting learning and career progression.

Elaine is the Opogo community expert working with young people and adults to prevent underachievement in their learning or careers.

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