Top 5 habits of effective leaders

Jane Wood-Chambers

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

It is one of the most precious and responsible roles in education, that of leading an educational setting.

Having that delegated responsibility can be, at times, overwhelming, but at best there is no other job like it for job satisfaction.

To work with a range of stakeholders to instigate change for all and ensure a quality education is provided, accessed and owned takes a certain character of educator and one with a range of experience, skills, knowledge and emotional intelligence.

Leadership sheet

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About our Community Expert


Jane Wood-Chambers
Editorial Advisory Board Lead

Over 27 years of educational experiences in a number of settings. Developed a clear vision and ethos for inclusion which puts the child at the centre and a clear understanding of how to support, engage and nurture the individual.

Ability to train all staff through effective and reflective continual professional development in behavioural management techniques that begin, establish and maintain change in all.

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