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Your guidebook to the modern student

Posted by Sarah Salmon on Tuesday, 7 May 2019
Sarah Salmon
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We’ve all heard the classic teacher Jurassic joke before – you know the one we’re talking about, right?

“Teaching is like a walk in the park – Jurassic park.”

Yeah, that’s the one. What makes it so cringing is the accuracy that it bears to the classroom sometimes. These days, we don’t have just one type of student sitting in front of us; we have a whole jungle of different species to contend with!

To help you navigate the wild world of the modern classroom, we’ve put together a guidebook of the many different breeds you may come across on your journey.

1. The “you don’t impress me much” students

New Project-3

2. The “I’m going to distract everyone by being funny” student

New Project-4

The enthusiastic “we LOVE school” students

New Project

4. The “could you explain that one more time” students

New Project-8

5. The nosy “tell me EVERYTHING” student

New Project (1)

6. The “never not yawning” students

New Project (4)

7. The "so damn distracted" student

New Project-5

8. The “always have something to say” students


9. The “you don’t see me sneak in” latecomer students

New Project-6

10. The over-enthusiastic “pick me, pick me” know it all student

New Project (5)

11. The "I'm totally judging you" student

New Project-7

12. The "always preening" sassy student

New Project-10

And then there is you...

New Project-13


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