Giving your teaching team a boost

Jane Wood-Chambers

Monday, 25 February 2019

As a leader, it is important to remember that you are very much part of a team. Knowing and understanding your team can be very difficult when the role that you are in is considered.

Having an effective, supportive and yet challenging senior leadership team, governing body or academy board can be tremendously helpful in aiding you to spend time knowing and understanding your teaching team; you certainly cannot do this on your own!

Once this understanding is established, it is important that you ensure you support your team and give them a ‘boost’ every once in a while.

Why then is it important to ‘boost’ your team?

1. Because it is the right thing to do

You cannot run a school by yourself. You need your team to be with you and be supportive of occasions that challenge your leadership and management. Having an effective staffing structure helps support and challenge you and ensures that your team feel seen and heard. Having a team around you enables your moral compass to stay pointed in the right direction.

2. We all need to be given a ‘boost’ at one time or another

Wellbeing and mental health are important to acknowledge and nurture. Often leaders receive the majority of praise and sometimes equal amounts of criticism! Remember what that feels like (the praise part) and ensure that you pass any ‘school’ praise from the local authority, the governors or academy board, parents and visitors to the staff.

Knowing that they are doing something right is incredibly important and when you add in your own words of thanks and praise you will see the team bloom before your very eyes!


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About our Community Expert


Jane Wood-Chambers
Editorial Advisory Board Lead

Over 27 years of educational experiences in a number of settings. Developed a clear vision and ethos for inclusion which puts the child at the centre and a clear understanding of how to support, engage and nurture the individual.

Ability to train all staff through effective and reflective continual professional development in behavioural management techniques that begin, establish and maintain change in all.

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