What to do when your teaching contract is not renewed

Jasmin Choudhury

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

So your contract as a supply teacher has not been renewed! You are panicking; you can't breathe as there are bills to pay and you just booked that trip to Florence or any other place for that matter, thinking you will have a job! 

Alternatively, you might be relieved once you have thought things through and the decision by the school not to renew your contract has propelled you to look at other opportunities such as travelling, moving areas, e.g. going back home if you are from another country.

Whatever the case, try to stay calm and focused and think about your next steps carefully. You want it to be the right choice for you! Give yourself a few days to think through what you want to do and then go about what you need to do.

Contact your agency

After the initial stress of hearing that your contract has not been renewed, contact your agency. Find out why it has not been renewed. An excellent school leader will have already told you or certainly will have informed your recruitment agent.

Have an honest chat with them and talk it through. Recruitment agents are experienced in their field and will be able to give you good advice and will advise you carefully what your next steps could be. They will also start looking for other job opportunities for you as it also means business for them.

Update your CV

It takes time – but reflect carefully on what you have done so far and update your CV.
Block out a time when you can get this done as quickly as possible. Think about things that you have done that have created impact. Try to include a course that you have done that has developed you as a professional. You may not have had your contract renewed by the current school for various reasons, but another school may be interested in hiring you and developing you as a practitioner further.

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Jasmin Choudhury
Community Expert

Jasmin Choudhury is passionate about improving the lives of young people, educators and their families. She believes that a focus on quality first leadership, teaching and learning, mental well-being for all and the sharing of best practice is vital in delivering a 21st-century education and creating world-class learners and educators.

Jasmin has been qualified as a teacher for over 20 years and has been a Deputy Head, working mainly in some of the most deprived and challenging schools in the UK. In addition, Jasmin has been a teacher trainer and has worked with leading teacher training institutions in the UK.

Currently, Jasmin is a freelance education professional and consultant. Furthermore, she is a foster carer and mental health champion and believes that the most vulnerable people in society deserve the best support, both at home and in education- so that they can succeed, whatever their circumstances.

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